3 vacation apartments for a perfect vaction in EIlat!


Avi's suite is an apartment located in the panorama building in the city's residential area - a 10-minute walk from the promenade, beach and tourist area.

Large and spacious apartment with kitchen, living room and bedroom.
The recommended number of residents is up to 6 people.


Royal Park Studio is located in the heart of Eilat's tourist area within walking distance of the beach, a few minutes' walk from the ICE Mall.

Studio apartment with kitchen and private balcony with enough room for up to 4 people.

The prestigious Royal Park complex includes a swimming pool and seating areas.


Royal Park Yossi Avrahami is also located in the Royal Park compound, in the new building that was built by Yossi Avrahami.

The apartment has a large living room and kitchen, with a large dining area, and a spacious and luxurious bedroom. The apartment also has a balcony for a perfect vacation.

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