Avi's Suite for youth

Spacious 2 room apartment, 10 minutes walk from the beach and Eilat's North Beach promenade, and Eilat's main tourist area with restaurants, cafés, pubs and luxurious Mall.

Apartment Location : Eilot 61, Hativat Hanegev.

The apartment is located in a quiet neighborhood, for your convenience - at the top of the street (right main entrance) is located a commercial center called "Mor Center",

A 24-hour Kiosk, a 24-hour supermarket, except Fridays to Saturday, a self-made ice cream parlor "Pini Lek", a fast-pizzeria restaurant, a pizzeria and a post office where you can also exchange money, Jackanis (resturant).

At the main entrance to the building, if you turn left, continue straight, cross the square and turn right on Barkat Street At the end of the street there is a large supermarket - "Yenot Bitan" , which serves the local residents. It is open from seven in the morning until nine in the evening on certain days until 22:00 and even at 23:00 at night.

There you can also find meat and fish at reasonable prices. You can pay in local currency or credit cards.

Another commercial center parallel to Hativat Hanegev Street is located on Neviot Street (the main exit of the building to the left, across the square and first left), where there is a small minimarket open 7 days a week 24 hours. In this center there is also a bakery and a fast falafel and schnitzel buffet.

The short way to the beach and the tourist area of ​​Eilat

If you are walking, there are many ways to go down to the sea and to the tourist area of ​​the city where it is located: promenade, restaurants and cafes, mall, Eilat's northern beach.

If you choose the right path, you will find that you can reach the beach and the tourist area in a 10-minute walk.

Follow the instructions: At the main entrance to the building turn left, cross the square of Eilot Street and the Negev Brigade and continue down the street and turn right first onto Neviot Street, continue on Neviot Street and turn right again on the first turn to Yad Gold Street, continue down the street until the hotel than turn left On Topaz Street and immediately right on Agur Street, which will take you to the old tourism center of Eilat and the Club Hotel and from here the road to the sea is short - cross the main road and you will arrive at the Mall and Zion Beach.

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