Royal Park

The ' Royal Park Yossi Abharmi ' vacation apartment is located in the Royal Park complex, is a new 2 room apartment for a perfect vacation in Eilat.

The Yossi Avrahami apartment is the newest apartment built in the Yossi Abharmi project. The apartment includes a bedroom, an impressive kitchen, a living room and a luxurious sun terrace.

The Royal Park complex is located on Campan Street, next to the Isrotel Agamim and Leonardo Club hotels, a few minutes' walk from the Ice Park Mall. There are also many restaurants in the mall:

McDonald's, sushi, coffee, pizza, meat food and more.

On the road's intersection, the road to South Zion (the direction of the beach) is Achla Restaurant - a Middle Eastern barbecue restaurant, next to the Coffee News cafe with a rich dairy menu and a supermarket. Down the street (Kamen Street). In front of the Americana Hotel is a supermarket of my "grocery store".

On the south side of the road, facing the beach, there is a shady passageway between the La Playa Hotel and the Achla restaurant area that leads you to Kaman Street. Cross the road to the Magic Palace Hotel, surround the Magic Palace lobby, and you will reach the Eilat Marina, A wide range below the Magic Palace and Crown Plaza hotels will lead you to the bridge that connects to the King Solomon Promenade along the King Solomon Promenade: the Italian-style Marina Grill restaurant, Mike's Place - a restaurant bar with live performances of blues and rock, Immediately afterwards, the Paulina ice cream shop, designer clothing shops, Shilav baby products store, and the Castro store of the Israeli fashion chain. The entrance to the Queen of Sheba mall, a shopping mall is also located on the King Solomon Promenade.

The King Solomon Promenade connects to the North Beach Promenade and along the city's northern beaches.

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